Children in the Middle

The Children in the Middle program is a one-time, three hour class that focuses on how we as adults can best support the children in our lives through the processes of divorce, separation, and custody determination. Through a combination of verbal instruction and video materials, a group of participants reviews the common challenges that co-parents face, behavioral changes that children can experience, and strategies for preserving and strengthening the parental bond with children as custody agreements are being determined. Although a large number of participants complete this informative class to fulfill a requirement, Children in the Middle is open to anyone who would like to learn about this vitally important issue. Participants also include aunt and uncles, grandparents, step-parents, and other adults that play a supportive role in the lives of children.



Topics covered include:

  • A general outline of the court process as it pertains to custody determination
  • A review of the emotional and behavioral effects of parental separation on children during various stages of development
  • How to determine if a child may need additional help in coping with these changes
  • Ways to avoid the potential pitfalls that occur when interacting with a “difficult” co-parent
    …and many more!

Please contact our Main Office at (610) 374.4963 for more information or to make an appointment.

Please note: the non-refundable participation fee of $45 is due at the time of scheduling. Participants may reschedule their class time once free of charge; subsequent reschedules will incur a $15 fee. An additional participation certificate can be issued after the date of completion at a fee of $15 per certificate.