What is COPE:

The COPE Programs are based on a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based skills-building approach that includes reducing negative or unhelpful thoughts, increasing healthy behaviors, and improving communication and problem-solving skills.

How it works:

Clients will attend group that will last seven (7) consecutive weeks. Clients will be introduced to skills such as effective communication, problem solving, setting goals, healthy habits, stress management, mindfulness techniques and more. When people learn to COPE in positive ways, the brain lays down new pathways, helping them grow new neuronal connections and deal with stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms in healthy ways.

Populations Served:

Children: 7-12
Adolescents: 13-17
Young Adults: 18-24 

How to enroll:

If you are interested in participating in COPE, please complete and submit the form below to begin the pre-screening process to verify eligibility. If you have questions regarding admission criteria and hours of programming, call us at (610) 374-4963.


Please provide your FULL NAME exactly how it appears on your insurance card. If the name provided does not match what your insurance has on file, we will not be able to verify your eligibility to participate in the group.
Providing an email address indicates consent for us to communicate and/or provide documents via email when needed.
Who referred you to the COPE group OR how did you hear about us?
You MUST list ALL health insurances programs you are participating with. If you do not have insurance, please enter "NONE AVAILABLE."