Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a company offer Inroads at Family Guidance Center Employee Assistance Program to its employees?
We live in a very stressful society where change is constant. Disruptive or upsetting events occur which affect employees both on and off the job. Inroads at Family Guidance Center is there to help employees resolve the problem in an effective and confidential manner. Employers realize that offering the Employee Assistance Program to employees is a caring way of protecting their valuable investment in human resources and preventing potential performance problems through intervention resulting in a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Why should I call Inroads at Family Guidance Center?
There are times in life when problems occur which we are unable to handle on our own. We become so emotionally entrenched that it’s difficult to stand back and objectively deal with the issue. Having a professional counselor to talk with can be immensely helpful. Whether it is a marital problem, parenting, depression, aging parents, or substance abuse, we can help. Remember, the earlier you seek assistance for the resolution of a difficulty, the easier it will be to resolve.

How do I know when a call to Inroads at Family Guidance Center is appropriate?
People call us for many reasons. When feelings like depression, loss of control, loss of motivation, stress, anger etc. interfere with your daily functioning, you should consider the option of talking with a professional. Our trained counselors can help clarify your problem and provide recommendations to help in resolving the situation. Inroads at Family Guidance Center assists people experiencing a full range of life problems, including marital difficulties, grief, communication problems, drug abuse and family issues. If you find yourself experiencing any of these problems remember that we are only “a phone call away.”

What types of problems do you see?
During our over 30 years of service, we have seen people with a variety of problems. If you or someone you live with is experiencing family, emotional, parenting, gambling, eating disorders, elder care, legal, financial, or substance abuse problems please don’t hesitate to call Inroads at Family Guidance Center at 1-800-255-5998.

What can I expect to happen in counseling?
During your initial visit the counselor will discuss the issues you’re concerned about. At the end of that session you and the counselor will make some decisions about the most appropriate steps to be taken to deal with the situation. If your counselor feels this problem can be resolved with the number of contracted sessions determined by your plan you will continue to be seen at the Inroads at Family Guidance Center office. If it is determined that more extensive counseling is needed, your counselor will refer you to a professional in the community that specializes in the area in which you’re having difficulty.

Is this service confidential?
Inroads at Family Guidance Center Employee Assistance Program is extremely confidential. If you or someone you live with is seen neither your employer nor anyone else will have access to this information. The information you share is strictly between you and the counselor. Your company understands that when an employee comes to us on their own their right to privacy is extremely important. However there are several exceptions to confidentiality. The confidentiality regulations do not apply in situations involving suicide, homicide or child abuse cases.

If you are referred by your supervisor or HR manager due to a positive drug test or performance concerns this is designated as a “company referral.” Under these circumstances, with your permission, your employer will be informed of the fact that you are being seen through Inroads at Family Guidance Center and you are working on the problem as presented to the counselor by you and your supervisor. Your employer will not be made aware of the specifics of your problem, only that progress is either being made or not, and your employer will receive recommendations made by the counselor. You will always be aware of the content of any discussions that occur between your counselor and your employer.

How much will this cost me?
There is no charge to you for the evaluation, short-term counseling, and referral services provided by Inroads at Family Guidance Center. When an individual comes to us for the first time an initial assessment will be conducted. At that time if the counselor determines that your problem can be resolved within the contracted number of sessions determined by your plan (3, 5 or 7 sessions) there will be no charge to you. However, at the initial assessment if the counselor determines that more extensive counseling will be needed we will help you to choose a professional in your area that will best serve your needs.

What hours can I call and where are you located?
You can contact Inroads at Family Guidance Center at 1-800-255-5998 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday to schedule an appointment. We have both daytime and evening appointment times available. We provide Employee Assistance Services to employees in Pennsylvania and other parts of the United States. By calling Inroads at Family Guidance Center we will be able to schedule an appointment at a location that will be convenient to you.