Naomi Kim, M.A., L.P.C.

Naomi Kim, MA, LPC is a 14-year Air Force veteran who found her way into the counseling field after her discharge and much searching. Along her journey she has worked with adults with developmental challenges as well as families that were referred for treatment by Children and Youth Services. She has worked in many environments, from in-home services to providing therapy on both adolescent and adult inpatient psychiatric units, as well as providing outpatient services. She earned her MA in Counseling from Alvernia University.

“I believe that no matter what, we can have control over ourselves and how we react in a situation. I also believe that by learning how to have that control, we can build resiliency and will be able to face any obstacle in our path. The glass is not half empty or half full. It just is. What happens to it is up to us.”