Office Support Team

The Office Support Staff works as a team with the clinical staff to create a seamless experience for our clients.

The Intake Department is responsible for documenting the information on all new clients as well as scheduling the clients’ first appointment. When contacting Family Guidance Center for the first time, you will be forwarded to that department where your information will be documented by Georgie Hildebrand.

When coming for your first visit and all appointments thereafter, you will be greeted by our Customer Service Department. This department is there to answer all incoming phone calls, schedule appointments, and assist you in every way possible. Our customer service staff consists of Alicia Elie, Deborah Erney, Glendalee Rivera, and Linda Ramich as our Office Manager/Administrative Assistant. Janet Medina and Toni Angstadt ensure that our Billing Department runs smoothly and accurately.

With Lori Readinger as the EAP Administrative Assistant, our Employee Assistance Program continues to provide our participating companies, employees and their families with the resources they need.

Finally, all insurance network and credentialing inquiries, questions and updates regarding our behavioral health software, and medical record requests are handled by Erin Salerno, our Systems Specialist.